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Captains log 9/8/2017

9th August 2017


So here we are, coming towards the middle of August already. We cannot believe how quickly this year is going. It is scary, but I suppose, when you are having fun, and all that……………!!

When I say, here we are, there are a couple of team members who have decided it would be a great time of the year to have a little cruise around the Balearic islands for a week!! Yes, you guessed it, Chris and his little Olive Oil, Abbie, are soaking up the sun aboard our 53 foot Sunseeker Manhattan, island hopping from Mallorca to Ibiza to Menorca and Fomentera, with a couple of extremely pleasant clients. When Chris can spare the time to speak to me, between dining in the best the islands have to offer and cooling off in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, he tells me he working extremely hard! I’ll take your word on that one, Chris……………millions wouldn’t!
Back in the world of vague normality, we are all delighted to say that it is non stop, as ever during these months. Thanks to all of you, we are well up on the amount of charters we have carried out this year, compared to last year and there seems no sign of let up in the foreseeable future. As you have realised, our Sunseeker, Perfection, is up and running and we are taking bookings now. Our luxury 50 foot Hanse, Vesper, is taking a little longer that we expected, but we see light at the end of the tunnel now and think we are within sight of the finishing line! Watch this space!!

In other news, our little 6 metre R.I.B speed boat has really started to take off, with Dan at the wheel, and we are getting great feedback from all age groups. It is a great way to get close and personal with the cliffs, caves and coves and also to have a bit of a blast about on the water toys.

We have got some interesting charters to look forward to, including organising a wedding party of around 80 guests, which will keep us on our toes!
As always we continue to be enormously grateful to all of you for your continued support and very much look forward to seeing more friendly faces as well as a whole load of new ones.

We wish you all an extremely happy and enjoyable summer!

Mezzo Magic, signing off!!