Chartered sailing in Soller, Mallorca

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Welcome to Mezzo Magic Sailing, the only way to truly experience the beauty of this magnificent Northwest coast of Mallorca.

We would love you to come aboard, enjoy one of our private yachts and leave enriched by the experience. We are pleased to announce that we are now part of Perfect Charter which has enabled us to grow our fleet and offer more services.


The Mezzo Fleet

The Mezzo Magic story


Mezzo Magic was founded by Chris Adamson

The name Mezzo Magic derives from the first boat we owned, which was brought to Soller from Lake Windermere in the North of England.


Mezzo Magic purchased Francesca, Pequod and Bebop

After several years with just one boat it was now time to expand, the purchase of these 3 boats made us the largest charter company in Soller.


Lisa came on board as office manager

Lisa started working for Mezzo Magic in 2012 as office manager and helped Chris to modernise the company


Mezzo Magic acquired an office in Port Soller

...and the team grew


Mezzo Magic started the transiton to Perfect Charter

And this year we purchased two stunning boats, Vesper and Perfection.


Perfect Charter bought Seaduction

Another luxury boat purchase that gave us the ability to offer a completely different experience chartering from Soller, this boat proved to be extremely popular.


Perfect Charter bought 5 new Hanse sail yachts

This was a big year for us, as we ordered 5 brand new sail yachts that were built and delivered to us in June 2020


Perfect Charter acquired a new office on the front line in Port Soller

Finally we managed to get a front line office in Port De Soller, by 2022 we should be finished with all the work, pop in and see us anytime.