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6/11/2017 End of Season!

6th November 2017

Where did the year go?! It seems like only yesterday we were sweating to death in 43 degree heat and running around like headless chickens, trying to squeeze in 15 or so charters a day!! But all good things have to come to an end at some point, so here I am writing the last blog of the year, before closing the office for winter. However, don’t despair! Although the office is now officially closed, the wonders of modern technology allow us to continue to be at your service! These new fangled mobile telephones and e mails seem to work pretty well, so we are only a call or message away. Maybe you would like to take some sailing lessons over the quieter months, or even spend of couple of nights on board one of our luxury yachts?


I left a little bit of a cliffhanger last time, I wonder if any of you have guessed what our exciting news for next year is? I have already told you that she is very dear to all our hearts and that good things often come in smaller parcels!! What if I were to give you a further clue and tell you that the answer is in our name!!! Yes, you’ve got it…………..Mezzo Magic is returning to our little Armada!! Our original 28 foot Dufour has been sitting it out for a couple of years, but after a full repaint, service and reupholster, she is back in the game!! This is where it all started, back in 2004, when Chris and his dad, Mark, sailed her over from England to Mallorca’s sunny shores! Being the smallest of our fleet, she is ideal for a couple or a small family and won’t leave a huge hole in your pocket!! Come and give her a whirl and experience how it all began!


For those of you back in the U.K (or with English T.V.), keep your eyes peeled for us starring on the small screen! From Monday, November the 13th, and running 5 times a day for a week, we will be featured in ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Lorrain! We will also be gracing your Tellies again in March, but we have been sworn to secrecy on this one!! Suffice to say that wedding bells are ringing!! Be sure to tune in!!


Well, that seems to be that for this year, and what a great year it has been, thanks to all of you. We are already looking forward to another busy season next year and to seeing you all again.


So from all of us here at Mezzo Magic, may we once again offer our huge gratitude to all of you out there for your continued support and custom. Here’s to a Very Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year!!


Captain Signing off!!