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31st May 2018 Captain’s Log……………Here we go again!

31st May 2018

Well, we’ve made through another grim winter, but guess what……………… we’re back, with a vengeance!! Bigger, better (slightly older!) but more determined that ever.

So, you might well ask, what on earth have they come up now? What crazy ideas could they have possibly conjured up this year to improve on the last? Well, I’ll tell you, shall I!!

Being, essentially, a boat charter company, it would probably make sense to start with, well, the boats!! How many did we have way back when, at the beginning, in 2003? Oh yeah, that’s right, ONE! How many a couple of years ago? 3. How many now? 4, 5, 6, surely not 7? No, you’re correct, not 7…………….Try 9!!! I haven’t really got time to go through each one in detail, but suffice it to say, I think you will find that whatever type of boat, whatever sort of charter and whatever additional extra you desire, you will not find yourself wanting!! With the new power boats we can now offer a full water sports package, rapid taxi runs and even if you fancied a quick escape off the island to Ibiza or Menorca for lunch and back home in time for dinner, this is now easily possible. Yes, the world is quite simply your oyster, prawn, lobster or, in fact any seafood of your choice!!!!

Toy Time!! You know we cannot resist going toy shopping, and this year we have got off to a great start! Reserve one of the highest end boats and experience the depths of the ocean with our new Seabob, your own little personal submarine!! If you fancy staying above the waterline, but fancy something with a little extra va va voom, why not get behind the wheel of our Williams Jet Tender. Capable of over 50 mph, this is quite simply the fastest machine in the bay! So, if you feel the need for speed, look no further!!

I think that’s about all for now, folks, but keep tuned and keep checking all these new fangled social media gizmos, we have a tendency to keep popping up!!

I look forward to letting you know more in my next bulletin. Heaven only knows what lies in store!!

All the very best and take care!

Captain Logging Off!